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For this very special, free, Facebook Live Gig Michaela Fedeczko performed some of her own material, alongside a carefully chosen set of classy old soul, pop and jazz. Joined by Sean Snook on guitar, Edward Wren on keys and at points during the set by Ruth Ankrah and Fabiola Melagari on backing vocals.

The night, although free to tune in online, was a fundraising event for her dear friend Lydia Bello Hernandez who needs urgent treatment and ongoing full time care. It was also dedicated to the memory of her Mother Lesley Bello Hernandez, who was tragically killed at the beginning of 2019.

The evening was a 'retro-chic soul' vibe, celebrating Lesley's love of music, her beautiful soul and Michaela’s wonderful friend Lydia.


Both set 1 & 2 have been posted below to be further enjoyed. More details about #love4lydia can also be found below. If you feel moved to donate you can do so via the link on this page.  All monies go directly to Lydia for her ongoing care and treatment. 

Set 1

Michaela Fedeczko Gig via FB live!.png

Set 2

More details about #Love4Lydia 


My kind-hearted friend Lydia isn’t the type of person to ask for help. When faced with her darkest challenges she has persevered with grace and dignity, whilst still offering herself beyond her capabilities.


Lydia has extremely severe and complicated health issues. Day to day Lydia requires full time care as these conditions hugely impact her lifestyle, including her mobility, eyesight, voice and general wellbeing. The nature of her condition has meant that she has needed extreme specialist treatment and has had to travel to America for numerous scans, invasive tests and surgeries.


Lesley, Lydia's beloved Mother and also her full time Carer, was tenacious and selflessly determined. She would do all it took to ensure Lydia had opportunity in her life and was by her side 24/7 helping and supporting her both physically and mentally, it goes without saying that their bond was a very special on. Lesley ensured that Lydia had the treatment she needed, regardless of the financial impact and in May of this year Lydia, and her Mum, were due to America for the next essential surgery needed as part of her treatment.


On the afternoon of the 13th February 2019 Lydia's Mum Lesley was tragically killed on Arbury Road in Cambridge. She was innocently crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when she was struck by a perpetrator in a police chase. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


Whilst this would be a life altering experience for anyone, Lydia is heartbroken and has lost not only her cherished Mother, but her best friend, support and full time Carer. Without her Mum by her side Lydia is virtually incapacitated both physically and financially.


As many of you will be aware the cost of treatment in America is crippling, in Lydia’s case it is in the hundreds of thousands, where you are charged for everything: scans, tests, invasive tests, anaesthetic, the hospital, medical equipment, the surgeon, everything. Lydia will also need to pay for visas, travel and accommodation. After her previous surgeries she has needed to stay for up to 6 months for after-care and recuperation under specialist neurosurgeons.


What has happened to my kind, caring, beautiful friend is beyond comprehension. Her mother’s goal was always to provide the best for Lydia, she played a huge role in her life in so many ways and so I want to dedicate this gig to the memory of her mother Lesley, celebrating her love of music and the wonderful friend she has given me.


The money you give will enable Lydia to have the on going treatment she desperately needs, as well as help towards her on going care. Her world has been turned upside down and my friend deserves, after everything she has been through, to have a chance. I am truly grateful for any support.

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