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Michaela Fedeczko is not only an experienced, versatile, professional singer. She is a songwriter of epic, melodic proportions.


On hearing her sing, it is evident she has absorbed influences from her parents' collection of Motown, soul, and pop records as well as developing an ear for vocal harmony and commercial top lines. 


The Bristol singer-songwriter has plied her trade performing with an array of Artists, Bands, Songwriters and Producers all over the UK, France, Dubai and Israel. 


As well as debuting her own material at Glastonbury Festival, including tracks from her upcoming debut album, she has appeared as a featured vocalist & top-line writer, for drum and bass artist Low:r and Lisa Jane‘s latest funk/disco/house release on In it together records. 


A positive presence of openness and love can be heard in every note she sings.

Michaela singer Bristol,
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