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Michaela Fedeczko's Debut album



CD £15.00


Signed CD £20.00


Exclusive video of a track from the album


+ Signed CD £30.00


Exclusive, personalised video update from behind the scenes at the recording studio

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+ Signed CD £40.00


45 minute Singing Lesson with Michaela.

(Singing lesson in person from home studio in Bristol or via Zoom, can be for yourself or be given as a gift)

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+ Signed CD £50.00

About me & The Album

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A private, exclusive live stream gig for you and your friends and family via Zoom! 


Michaela will perform an acoustic, 30 minute set of stripped back, intimate versions of tracks from the album.

+ the above


+ Signed CD £250.00


A private house concert for yourself and up to 30 guests.


Michaela will exclusively perform an intimate 45 minute set of tracks from her debut album. Accommodation and travel costs may apply. Contact Michaela directly for specific details.

+ The exclusive video of a track from the album + the personalised update from behind the scenes at the recording studio

+ Signed CD £600.00

NothingMichaela Fedeczko
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Leave Her SleepingMichaela Fedeczko
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